Нуъмонджон Шарипов
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Tajikistan: Activist Forcibly Returned From Turkey

21.02.2018 0

Faces Torture, Politically Motivated Prosecution (Bishkek) – Tajik officials, with the apparent acquiescence of Turkish authorities, have forcibly and extra-judicially returned a political activist from Istanbul to Tajikistan, Human Rights Watch and the Norwegian Helsinki Committee said […]

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HRW: Tortures and human rights violations in Tajikistan

19.01.2018 0

Tajikistan’s human rights record worsened further in 2017, as authorities deepened a severe, widespread crackdown on free expression and association, peaceful political opposition activity, the independent legal profession, and the independent exercise of religious faith. […]

Amonullo Hukumatullo
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Ex-Tajik Railways Chief’s Czech Bonanza

06.01.2018 0

Amonullo Hukumov, the former head of Tajik Railways, has told the media that neither he nor his wife own any real estate abroad. But records obtained by OCCRP show that his family has spent over […]

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Tajikistan 2016 Human Rights report

06.03.2017 0

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Tajikistan is an authoritarian state dominated politically by President Emomali Rahmon and his supporters. The constitution provides for a multiparty political system, but the government has historically obstructed political pluralism and continued to […]

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