Шарофиддин Гадоев

The National Movement for “Reforms and Development of Tajikistan” expresses serious concern about the fate of Mr. Sharofiddin Gadoyev, the coordinator of the movement, who was abducted in Russia and ended up in the dungeons of the law enforcement agencies of Tajikistan.

The leadership of the movement knew Mr. Gadoev from the very beginning of the creation of the organization felt a great responsibility for its fate and made considerable efforts to increase its ranks. In this regard, he considered the establishment of contacts with official representatives of the Russian Federation and Tajik labour migrants in Russia to open a representative office of the movement for “Reforms and Development of Tajikistan” as one of the most important areas of its activities. At the same time, he well understood that these efforts are fraught with great danger for him. It should be mentioned that Mr. Sharofiddin Gadoev twice reported to the board of our organization on the work done in this direction.

To make business trips to Russia, Mr. Gadoyev has officially received visas in the prescribed manner at the Russian Embassy in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Russian diplomats knew about the purpose of his trips to this country. On February 13, 2019, at the Sheremetyevo airport, a lawyer Nikolai Nikolayev, a citizen of the Russian Federation, who had previously pledged to help Mr. Gadoyev to register an organization in Russia, received him. However, after the disappearance of Mr. Gadoyev in Moscow on the evening of February 14 and his discovery in the morning on February 15 in Dushanbe, the lawyer Nikolai Nikolayev stopped responding to phone calls from members of the organization. The Russian authorities have also kept silence about what happened. Until now, no one gave a clear answer either to the members of the Mr. Gadoyev family and the board of the organization, how did Mr. Sharofiddin Gadoyev suddenly find himself in the city of Dushanbe of Tajikistan?

In this regard, the board and members of the National Movement for «Reforms and Development of Tajikistan» call upon the Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Border Guard Service of the Russian Federation to give official explanations of what happened.

We also urge international human rights organizations, human rights defenders of Russia and Tajikistan, civil society activists not to remain indifferent to this case of abduction of a person and violation of his rights.

This is not the first incident involving the abduction of people from the territory of Russia, which clearly indicates the gross violation by the relevant Russian structures of the Convention on Human Rights and other Russian-signed human rights international covenants.

The Board of the Movement for “Reforms and Development of Tajikistan” appeals to the members of the organization and its supporters for steadfast spirit and responsibility for the fate of the organization and our cause. The goals and objectives of the Movement were and remain the same: to achieve peace and harmony in Tajikistan, comprehensive reforms in all structures, the eradication of corruption and the creation of decent living conditions for every person in the country.

The abduction of Mr. Gadoyev is not able to break our conviction in the loyalty of the chosen path and force us to turn away from it. On the contrary, we now believe that it is necessary to exert even greater efforts in order to show the world what the situation in Tajikistan is, what this authoritarian regime is and what misfortunes it brings to the people of the country.

We are firm in our intention to increase the ranks of supporters of the reforms, to support and continue what Mr. Sharofiddin Gadoev has begun, including the following:
— building a state with sociocultural tools based on freedom of speech, freedom of belief and religion;
— support and ensure direct and ongoing dialogue between government agencies and civil society institutions, political parties and public associations;
— involvement of citizens, organizations and institutions of civil society in the constant joint work on determining the priorities of the multilateral development of Tajikistan.

The Board of the National Movement for “Reforms and Development of Tajikistan” will do everything to attract international attention to the cynical kidnapping of one of the leaders of the Tajik opposition by the Tajik authorities with the assistance of corrupt Russian officials. In this regard, we intend to hold a series of protests at the embassies of Tajikistan and Russia in European countries.

The National Movement for “Reforms and Development of Tajikistan”

Dortmund, Germany
February 18, 2019

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