Persecution of Sharofiddin Gadoev family by government of Tadjikistan

Хафизамо Гадоева, Таджикистан, Шарофиддин Гадоев
Хафизамо Гадоева

My appeal to the President of the Republic of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan
Copy to the:
Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu
Chief of the General Staff Hulusi Akar
Minister of Foreign Affairs Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu

27 October 2017, Istanbul

Dear President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan,
My name is Hafizamo Gadoeva, I am 34 years old and all I have in this life is my children. I have four children but I cannot see two of my children for seven months already. I am a woman who is lost in this life. My husband could no longer stand the pressure from the law enforcement authorities of Tajikistan and was forced to leave me and our children, my father died suffering a lot, my mother is sick of cancer and all of my brothers and sisters are scattered around the world in toughest condition without opportunity to meet each other.
The most horrible thing is that I even cannot understand why all of this happened to my life, why my life and happiness costs the things I am not involved in. I lost my father, l lost my husband, I cannot see my mother, my children and closest people due to politics while I do not even understand what politics means. I am too far from all the processes around high-level authorities and I suffered a lot for the principles and ambitious I do not even understand. They made me a victim just for the purpose of achieving personal goals, trampling down ever human rights and freedoms.
Now I am putted in a very dangerous condition and the only salvation I see is to appeal to you, dear President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.
I currently leave in Istanbul, Turkey where I arrived here on 4 April 2017 fleeing from Tajikistan. I am a Tajik citizen and I am not just went out from my home country, I had to flee due to unbearable persecutions and insuperable life circumstances that my government created for me and all my family. My cousin, Umarali Kuvatov, was killed in Istanbul on 5 March 2015, being a leader of political oppositionist movement in Tajikistan “Group 24”. My brother, Sharofiddin Gadoev, who worked with Umarali Kuvatov, had obtained the international protection in third country. Three of my sisters were thrown by their husbands same as me, all of my brothers were forced to flee Tajikistan in order to survive.

On 2 October 2014 my father was taken to police department of Farkhor district where he was severely beaten, abused and humiliated. Tajik law enforcement authorities forced my father to give a video message condemning the political activities of my brother. From that day my father fell ill and was no longer able to recover. He was not allowed to leave Tajikistan for medical treatment and he died in 2016 suffering a lot. My mother has cancer and no one from her children is able to help her as we cannot return to Tajikistan and now she is also not allowed to leave the country for treatment by Tajik authorities. All of our family members became victims of the system of Tajikistan authorities.

The whole our life is turned into nightmare due to all the persecution, pressure, intimidation, insult and threatening by Tajikistan authorities. Before we had own business, my father and my mother had outlets on local market, we had a good life and we were not in need. But everything was taken by Tajik authorities due to politics – our livelihood, our happiness, our health and our lives.

I came to Instanbul, Turkey looking for security and opportunity to start new life. However even here I am being persecuted by Tajikistan authorities. On 10 July I was called to the Consulate of Tajikistan in Istanbul, Turkey where officials fraudulently took my passport for checking purposes and do not return it to me until now. On that day Counsel of Tajikistan Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey, Mizrobeddin Safarov, demanded to tell him about of who helped me to flee from Tajikistan and demanded to return to Tajikistan willfully. Otherwise, he threatened me, using his “good contacts with Turkish law enforcement authorities and contacts with the government of Turkey” he will organize my deportation from Turkey to Tajikistan where it will be ready a criminal case for me and long term imprisonment. Mizrobeddin Safarov also requested her to sign a note on non-disclosure of the topic of their meeting.
I refused to tell anything and went from the Consulate without receiving my passport. I tried to apply to the Consulate some time later again asking for my passport, yet I was only receiving threatening, insults and intimidation in response.
On 26 October 2017 I was again called to the Consulate, and the Consul, Mizrobeddin Safarov, held a very aggressive conversation with me, insulting, humiliating and threatening me with violance. Threats were also against my children. He demanded «in an amicable way» to return to Tajikistan and surrender voluntarily to the Tajik authorities. If I do not do this shortly, he will forcibly deport me from Turkey by enlisting his connections with Turkish law enforcement agencies and the government of Turkey. His threats sounded very confident. He claimed that he had enough influence and resources to bring the matter to the end, and that in this case, it would only be worse for me and my children.

I am very scared. I appeal to you, dear President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, to help me and provide me protection on the territory of Turkey from unfair persecutions on my life and my freedom from Tajik authorities’ side.

I have to pay too high price not for my decisions, I have lost my husband, I have lost my home, my health, sense of life. All that I am trying to do now is to survive in this cruel unjust life. And everything what I am asking for from the government of Turkey is to give me a hope, to reveal humanity to a woman whose life left in tatters. All I am asking for is to grant me opportunity to try to start living a normal life where I could bring up my kids and live as a human being with a right to live.

I appreciate a lot and I am very grateful to all Turkish people for their kindness and openness and I very hope that you, dear President, will understand me as well.

With my deepest respect,
Hafizamo Gadoeva


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